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JTB WOODWORKING is a small family-owned business that has a passion for creating quality homemade woodworking products.


Hi, I'm Jesse. I grew up in beautiful northwest Washington surrounded by thick canopies of evergreen. As a child I would take my dog as often as I could rain or shine and venture into the forest behind my home. I felt grateful for the gift of nature and began educating myself in the many varieties of trees and plants as well as the ecosystems they lived in. I developed a passion for trees firmly planted in the soil, how they grew and protected themselves and how they developed their unique qualities and characteristics. 

Life growing up was simple and peaceful. Far from the busy life of the city. I would find my Dad in the work shop often, building furniture for our home or homemade Christmas gifts, and my older Brother was always constructing something unique and useful. Working in the wood shop was a common occurrence in my childhood and soon became a passion of mine, rejuvenating me each time I began a project.  

In mid 2023, my wife Tiffany and I decided to pursue a small business and feed our ambition to create and inspire. Through our careful wood crafting and choice of products we hope to provide you and your loved ones with something special.   

We pride ourselves in providing products that keep you excited and connected to the natural beauty of the wood we use. We ensure each piece is honored by the time and attention put into it to produce a truly memorable and durable product. We hope you feel the excitement and passion we have for our  business by the quality services we provide. 


20210829_141644 (1).jpg

Left to Right: Indie, Hudson, Jesse, Tiffany, Oaklee, and pup Mazy

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